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Are you ready to live the adventure? Do you want to join the crew of your favorite starship? Perhaps you would like to step through the Stargate to battle the Goa'uld. You might even want to stand up with the brave freedom fighters that have returned to defend the Earth againt the Invid and other alien threats. Well at Sci-Fi sims you can do all of that and more.

At Sci-Fi sims we offer a way for you to interact in your favorite stories. Here you don't simply watch your favorite story or read about it... no you help write it. At Sci-Fi sims we help you bring your imagination to life. So wheter you are a Rick Hunter, flying around in a Veritech to defend the SDF-1 or are Jack O'Neill hot on the trail of Ba'al and even if you are Captain Jack Harkness working with Torchwood to protect the world from alien threats you can do it all here at Sci-Fi sims because this is Where Sci-Fi Happens!!!

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Ghostbusters Inc.

After a string of supernatural events the Ghostbusters, weary of the constant travel and battle, decide that they are stretching themselves to thin. In order to combat this they create a world wide organization that uses their technology along with the latest Ghostbusting methods to stop the paranormal.

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